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Our Policy

Heyy Ya’ll thank you for coming to shop with us! Listen as we are in our summer months keep in mind that we cannot control the weather. We are doing everything in our power to prevent the body butters from melting but CANNOT guarantee that they won’t melt. I definitely recommend removing them from the packaging asap! If the body butter does melt it will naturally solidify at room temperature or you can place in the refrigerator but it will be hardened. Now if that’s not your jam you can remove the butter from the jar and re-whip with your mixer to get that fluff back. Also it may appear as half full due to it being whipped originally but it wasn’t. 


We are not offering any refunds/exchanges due to sanitary reasons. Please make sure you are certain in what you order. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


Please put in your CORRECT address at checkout. If we send an email and there is no response unfortunately I will have to cancel the order and refund the order which is hurting me an my homegirlsss and I don’t play bout dem (I kid).

If your address is invalid saints (church term) We are not liable for an incorrect address. We will refund your order minus the shipping fee once I have it back in possession. 


Why y’all messing up stuff 👀 Please contact us by email send pictures and videos of damages so we can access and resolve the issues.

***Please don’t eat the products! It is not edible and you’ll never be the same…I know it looks like marshmallow fluffiness but don’t eat it.****

Our Policy: Welcome
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